Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Christmas 2014

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I'll start with wrapping up Christmas Eve. Sydney found Reece's Captain Underpants books and snuggled down for a good read.

It was just cool enough outside to appreciate a fire in the pit. Jeff even chopped the wood (amazing), and we didn't make a trip to the ER!

Papa taught Syd about frying fish.

And after stuffing ourselves with seafood, we headed back out to roast marshmallows. (Note the Pensacola Beach pants that we had to buy after our morning beach adventure)

With everything being closed and no where to go tomorrow, we helped ourselves to the "Spirits" of Christmas. Poor AGD was the first one passed out for the evening. She's such a lush and a really poor example for Sydney. (This is a funny joke, for those easily offended)

Keeping with tradition, Papa read "The Night Before Christmas" before tucking the kids in. Amazingly, the went to bed fairly quickly despite the anticipation!

Oh, and we sprinkled oats for the reindeer.

Christmas Morning: I think pictures of opening presents are boring, so here are the quick highlights.

Sydney's #1 request-a bed for AGD.

Something she forgot she'd asked for ages ago-a luggage case for AGD. Good thing Santa remembered because she played with it all day!

Brody's #1 request: Skylanders. After this was opened, everything else was anti-climatic.

Here's Jeff putting up AGD's tent. He's no Boy Scout and it took about 20 mins! I'm even less enthusiastic about toy assembly, so I'm grateful that he stuck with it.

Brody's final gift, the wait to play Skylanders is nearly over!

Dad got his gift card in a huge box. It's so simple, yet so funny, when someone thinks you wrapped an empty box for them!

Commence Skylander play. (A few other games were peppered in, but this was pretty much how Brody spent Christmas)

Jeff learned to fly Brody's helicopter and Reece set up his ice hockey rink. (Which I need to remember is a great gift for the kids-they loved it!)

Sydney played with AGD stuff -sums up her day.

Brody played video games - sums up his day.

Oh, some variety-we made jewelry for AGD and her new friends

There was coffee cake and Brody just couldn't believe that I was letting them have cake for breakfast.

Did I mention Brody played some video games today?

It was a very merry Christmas and I continue to be reminded of how blessed we are. I appreciated my children's smiles twice as much and probably spoiled them extra because my heart is still heavy for the families of Sandy Hook. I hope they found some joy in their day.

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

We went to the beach to start our Christmas Eve celebration. We didn't get past the sidewalk before the shell collecting began.

It was so windy we almost went straight back to the car.

I always take a picture of my feet in the sand while I'm home. Only, this time I didn't even take off my shoes!

After a few laps running back and forth to the waves, the kids started stripping jackets and shoes.

They love the beach! Must be in their DNA.

Papa thought wave jumping while fully dressed was a great idea. So did the kids.

We stopped at Alvin's Island to get Syd some very tourist looking, yet dry, pants before we went to lunch.

You know it's a quality meal when a tattoo comes with it!

Saw this at Joe Patty.... Appropriate for how much we're eating this trip.

Free kiddy gellato! Captin Joe is awesome!

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Happy Holidays in Florida

Sydney reading Papa a bedtime story.

One last Santa sighting before the big day.

On the trolley.

Rudolph directing traffic with Brody.

At the "secret park" to stretch our legs.

Syd always likes to pretend this counter is for Ice Cream Vendors.

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Saturday, July 31, 2010

March 2010

We took the kids to see Disney on Ice. Really it was more for Sydney than for Brody, but B was still under 2 and free, so we brought him along.

I took Syd to Sheer Madness to get all gussied up for the event. They did her hair like Cinderella at her request, and painted her nails and put on lots of glittery makeup. She felt like she was getting ready for the ball, or her wedding, or something HUGE like that. It was pretty cute how serious she took it.
She got to see all the princesses at the pre-show event.

This picture makes me giggle....striking a pose.

The next day we were snowed in, so I just cuddled with the kids on the couch. I think I smother Brody too much....he looks a little annoyed with me here.
But how could I ever resist this little doll face????Mr. Fix It
He goes into the battery drawer and gets out the little screwdrivers and pretends he's fixing toys. Guess he's seen me change a battery or two on some beloved toys.

This is what I love about having babes in the house....they're allowed to get away with showing so much more skin than we are! If Jeff went outside in his undies with nothing else on but tennis-shoes and a rain coat, I'd sign us up for marriage counseling! But, when my kids do it, I grab the camera.

Kitty, formerly known as Sweet Pea, or "Maow-maow" by Brody
Kitty and Brody had a special bond. He's the only one who truly loved that cat. Honestly, he is an animal lover...no matter where we go who who's animal it is.
We had to put ole'Kitty down in June. She was 17 years old, if memory serves, and was losing her sight....had trouble finding her food and water. I hope we provided her a good and loving home. She will be missed (but not too badly-isn't that awful!). We have a neighbor cat that looks just like her and she's an outdoor cat, so the kids can play with her whenever they want.
It totally looks like Brody is nursing this baby doll-LOL!
I keep telling Sydney that she needs to be super nice to Brody because one day he'll be bigger than her and then its payback time.....its all fun and games for now though.

Brody thought he could fit in this little basket with the kitty, but it left him covered with hair so it was a "No-No!".
And...this is Brody after being told "No-No!" by Mommy.
When I say this, it makes me sound like a bad mom, but whatever.....My kids LOVE McDonald's and will do almost anything for it. Its not that they love the food so much, but the whole Happy Meal experience must just do it for them.

I can use McD's to bribe them into being good, cleaning the house, riding in the car for 9 hours, taking shots at the doc, being good at the dentist...almost anything imaginable.